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“..a very strong and powerful emotional arc..”

Tales of common folk, salt & sweet kisses

Featuring some of New Zealand’s finest folk musicians, the listener is taken on a reflective journey from the decline of Kiwi rural towns, through stories of Marlborough Sounds whalers, love and loss in olden times, even a Viking raid.

Three Danish Galleys  (Traditional, arranged Nigel Parry)
An ancient tale of a Viking raid with sad consequences collected from Somerset, England.

Flowers In Autumn  (Nigel Parry)
A tale of love, loss and possible redemption from a time when ships were made of wood. Based on a short story.

Lament for Her Jolly Sailor Bold - CD Exclusive!  (Nigel Parry / Trad arr Nigel Parry)
An old sailor, taking a dockside stroll, sees a young lady in distress. Only available on the physical CD, not streaming.

King of Rome  (Dave Sudbury)
A glorious real story of a heroic racing pigeon, here sung with the three different ‘voices’; narrator, hero and friends. Featuring Tony Hillyard as the Narrator.

Rosemary’s Rosy Doorway  (Nigel Parry)
A small village story, as told through the lifetime of someone who lived in the same cottage.

Nine Pairs of Eyes  (Nigel Parry)
The history of the Perano whalers of the Marlborough Sounds.

The Notch  (Nigel Parry)
When they caught a whale, the lookout would carve a notch in his home made chair. A tiny shave of wood for a huge, peaceful life.

One Word War  (Nigel Parry)
You’re in a dugout at the front. The young people who made it home could never talk about their experiences. Not one word. Track released, read more...

The Day The Bank Closed Its Doors  (Nigel Parry)
A small rural town, changed forever as the world moves on. Track released, read more...

No More  (Helen Dorothy)
Resisting the pull of the old world. A duet featuring celebrated songwriter Helen Dorothy.

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