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Row Out  to your ship of dreams

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Featuring new, traditional and reworked folk songs. 


1. Roll on the Day (Taylor)

Parry (vocal, guitar), Boy (vocal, hurdy gurdy), Rose (vocal), Gedge (vocal).

A haunting ballad describing the thoughts of an old man with industrial disease.


2. The Magpie (Dodds)

Parry (vocals, guitar)

A superstitious link to the children's counting rhymes of our ancient past.


3. We Be Soldiers Three (Trad)

Parry (vocal, feet), Boy (vocal, hurdy gurdy, feet), Duncan (feet)

Soldiers home from an ancient war with bravado and, ultimately, a sad emptiness.


4. Ship of Dreams (Parry)

Parry (vocal), Ward (guitar)

Don't stand there waiting for your ship of dreams for evermore......


5. She Moved Through the Fair (Trad arr Parry)

Parry (vocal, guitar), Boy (ocarina, vocal)

A lovers' parting leads to a ghostly encounter.


6. In the Dawn (Parry)

Parry (vocal, guitar)

A delicious way to wake.


7. Lowlands (Trad)

Parry (vocals)

Lowlands away. A dream of a lost lover. Raw a capella singing with no digital tinkering.


8. A Beggin I Will Go (Trad)

Parry (vocals, guitars, percussion), Duncan (guitar)

Life isn't so bad. As long as I've me belly full me backside can go bare.


9. The Road is Long (Parry)

Parry, Boy, Rose, Gedge (vocals)

People sing sea shanties when they haven't been to sea. This is a land shanty, and a journey.

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The wonderful musicians who appear on this album; Philippa Boy, Susan Rose, Niels Gedge, Julian Ward, Robbie Duncan.


Recording Engineer; the skillful and supportive Robbie Duncan, Braeburn Studios, Wellington.


Thanks to all the wonderful people who have encouraged me along the way. They know who they are (and if they don't, I do).


How to get your copy


If you see me at a gig, then come up, say Hi, share a beer, wine or tea and have a chat. Bring $20 and take away your own pristine, high quality pressed (not burned) CD in a fold out pack to add to your music collection.




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